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Anurag Goel is a businessman by profession. Anurag Goel has more than 30 years of diverse experience and numerous successful entrepreneurial assignments under his belt.Anurag Goel is a chairman of ARG E COM PVT LTD . He has worked in various verticals of media, Real estates and insurance . He started his entrepreneurial journey in 2010. Through hard work and dedication , he has establish a good name for the company among stockholders. After successful running the ARG E COM PVT LTD for five years , he ventured into online retail business by representing various brands of APPERALs ,electronics and groceries. Furthermore he has started his own E-commerce business with the name shoppingmoney.in.
He is also associated with various corporate social responsibilities. Ruchir Goel is a son of Anurag goel was born and bought up in Delhi. He did his BBA(LLB) from Amity University. Delhi, India. Ruchir has done various courses in Business management and won various awards for his achievements. He has experience in field of Marketing management, corporate law and media and Entertainment Industry. He joined ARG E COM PVT LTD in 2014 as a young Entrepreneur.
He handled a team of research and development for two years at ARG E COM PVT LTD. His newest venture includes acquiring more and more Franchise for Shoppingmoney.in. He Believe that his knowledge and wisdom will help shoppingmoney.in to reach every household of India. Ruchir goel is a social and fun loving personality and is associated with various social causes to help poor and downtrodden.


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