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Franchising Is A Form Of Business By Which The Franchisor Of A Product Or Service Or Method Attains Allotment Through Related Franchises. Nowadays, Franchising Has Become A Popular Business Format Or Idea Especially In The Businesses With Acceptable Records Of Profitability And Businesses Which Are Easily Duplicated.

Franchising Is A Long-term Cooperative Relation Between Franchisees And Franchisor. Shoppingmoney Using The Strategy Of Franchising For Getting And Keeping Customers. Shopping Money Using Franchising Strategy Creating An Image In The Minds Of Current And Future Customers And How The Company’s Products And Services Can Help Them. A Company Uses The Franchising Business Strategy For Obtain The Market Share. Business Format Franchising Is The Most Popular Style Of Franchising System. In Business Format Franchises, The Franchise Makes Use Of Franchisor’s Business Brand Name, And Right To Use Trademark.

Franchising Provides Best Opportunity For Expansion Of Capital Without Any Investment. Franchisee Pays An Initial Fee And Royalties To A Franchisor In Return Franchisee Gains The Use Of Trademark And Right To Use The Franchisor’s System Of Doing Business. Franchising Is Cooperative Alliance Between Groups Who Have Special Responsibilities With A Goal To Achieve Market Share And To Get More Customers.

To Be Successful Franchising You Must Follow Or Understand The Business And Legal Complications Of Your Relationship With The Franchisor And The Franchisees. Franchising Increases The Franchisee’s Buying Power Also.  


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