Wahl 05545 424 Ear Nose & Eyebrow Trimmer Steel
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Wahl 05545 424 Ear Nose & Eyebrow Trimmer Steel
Wahl 05545 424 Ear Nose & Eyebrow Trimmer Steel
Wahl 05545 424 Ear Nose & Eyebrow Trimmer Steel
Wahl 05545 424 Ear Nose & Eyebrow Trimmer Steel

Wahl 05545 424 Ear Nose & Eyebrow Trimmer Steel

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  • In order to keep your eyebrows in shape and remove unwanted hairs from your nose and ears, you can opt for Wahl 05545 424 Trimmer. This trimmer has a slender body shape that will make it easier for you to carry it on vacations and long journeys as well. It will remove all unwanted hairs without nicking or pulling and causing rashes and bumps on your skin. It has 3 cutting heads for extra precision.


Brand: Wahl
Series: 05545-424
Model: 05545-424
Colour: Silver
Purpose: Nose/Ear Hair Trimming
Type Of Blade: Stainless Steel
Length Setting Steps In Mm: 2-4 mm
Digital Display: No
Touch Control: No
Wet Dry Use: Dry Use
Grip: Plastic
Washable: No
Oil Cleaning Required: No
Cleaning Brush: Yes
Charger: No
Charging Dock: No
Additional Batteries: No
Travel Pouch: Yes
Cleaning Oil: No
Weight In Grams: 159 gm
Type : Nose & Eyebrow Trimmer
Battery: AA
USB Charging: No
Period: 2 Years Manufacturer Warranty
In The Box Contents: 1 Nose & Eyebrow Trimmer


Firstly, Please Buy this Product.


Firstly, Please Buy this Product.

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