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Footwear is something that is worn to protect our foot. They have started their long history of human use around millions of years ago. It is said that unkind weather conditions created the necessity for footwear. However, there are evidences which show that footwear came into use at the end of Paleolithic period, which is the same time when early man learned the leather tanning art. Earlier footwear was made up of wrappings, which are made up of leather or dried grasses. Today, there is a huge variety of footwear available from online portal shoppingmoney. Generally, we wear footwear to protect our feet when we walk from one place to another but these are also used a fashion concern. Nowadays, footwear many vary in their size, style, look, material and price. Each one of us desires to look attractive and your footwear can contribute to your beauty and fashion. However, the importance of your footwear is more than its fashion aspect. Your shoes are important for various reasons. Nowadays, footwear items are made using a wide range of materials such as rubber, canvas, leather, plastic and wood. When a footwear is assembled, its main components include cushion, heel, hook, adhesives, counterfort, insole, sole, tack, steel shank, laces, tread, toe puff, and welt. Generally, we classify men’s footwear into shoes, sandals, floaters, sports shoes, boots, etc. Shoes include formal shoes, casual shoes or athletic shoes. Footwear is considered as an extension of an individual’s personality. So, it is very important to keep your footwear well-maintained as your footwear will speak your personality, with cleanliness as an important concern. However, the intricacy of this craft is today lost to modernization, but their influences are still maintained by the shoe makers. Shoppingmoney brings you the beautiful making of these craftsmen from across the world. Moccasins and loafersare mostly by people in cold countries, while on the other hand sandals & floaters are patterned still frequently worn by people in hotter regions. One of the most casual wear adopted by people in their daily life is slippers &flip flops, which are also used by people mostly in hot regions. A good pair of shoe will keep you going. If you have a beautiful pair of shoes, you would want to go to your work daily just to flaunt your shoes. On the other hand, if a sports person has comfortable footwear, he will surely be able to win every challenge in life. Because a good pair of sports shoes will provide you with better grip on the ground and will make you enjoy your hobby even more.

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