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A wrist watch is nothing but just a basic watch attached to a strap, which makes it easy to slip in a person’s hand. There are numerous manufacturers of watch that claim of inventing something which actually was invented centuries ago, so were not to be invented as such. This is something which does not give any watch company a patent on their product. But here a question arises if the invention of wristwatches was done centuries ago then why anyone wasn’t wearing them for so long. Also, there are myths that wristwatches were being worn by women for centuries, then why did men take so long to adapt to the trend. However, the very obvious answer to this question is fashion and technology. If someone wears a watch he/she not only expects the watch to look stylish but also to tell accurate timings. Another reason is that men were never before comfortable with wearing something that looked like a bracelet and was considered as a luxury item. Men only started wearing wrist watched when they overcame the social and technical barriers. Nowadays, watches are not made just to look small and slip better in your wrist but also do many other technical tasks. Ask a sprinter about the importance of a wrist watch and you will understand how important records are to the runners. However, watches are not worn just to create records but are also worn as a style statement. There are many luxury watches available on the online portal of the important things to be noticed when making your choice: Dial: Is the dial of the watch original? Most of the watches today have metal dials. If the watch you have chosen for yourself has metal dial then you should check whether the metal is refinished or needs to be. You should check for the bent or scratches before purchasing a watch. If there are any damages, missing markers or the hands are damaged then the value of the watch decreases. The more valuable the watch, more valuable will be its dial. Case: It’s important to notice the amount of wear. It its gold then it should not be bent or dented from rough. Initials and other inscriptions on the watch usually diminish its value and desirability. Crown: Original crown is important is its value is to be retained. You can choose some of the best and cheap watches online from shoppingmoney. We provide our customers with a product which they can flaunt with confidence and make their friends envy of them.

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