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E- wallet

What is the E- wallet?
E-Wallet is your account with shoppingmoney.in.
How much minimum balance I have to maintain in my E- wallet?
You have to maintain minimum balance of INR1000 in your wallet.
What amount I can transfer from my E-wallet to bank account?
You can transfer X amount from your E-wallet to your bank account but you have to keep minimum reserve of INR1000.(YOU CAN TRANSFER WHOLE AMOUNT BUT YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO AVAIL THE BENEFITS OF BUSINESS PLAN)
Why should I use the E-wallet?
E- Wallet helps in convenient payment and makes the purchases easier. It saves time in making multiple payments without filling card details every single time while placing an order.
How to I view my E-wallet balance?
Login your account and go to E- wallet page and your E-wallet balance will be visible.
What if my wallet balance is insufficient?
In case your Wallet balance is insufficient, you can make a partial payment using your Wallet and you can top up your E- wallet as per your shopping requirement.
Can I delete my E- wallet?
No, You cannot delete your E- wallet as it is associated with your account.
Can I transfer my wallet balance to another account?
No. it"s your personal account and you can"t transfer it to any other account. You can transfer to your registered bank account only.
How to transfer wallet balance to my bank account?
Login to your account and press the redeem me bottom and within three working days your balance will be transferred to your account.
What is the purpose of E- wallet?
It is your personal account you can do any financial transaction like deposit, shop and withdraw.
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