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My Account & Business Associates

How can I register with
It is easy to register with us. Just create an account with your email id/mobile no. free of cost. Fill out the required details and you can login to your account. Once you complete your KYC form , you can start shopping.
do I start shopping on
You have to recharge / topup your wallet through 5000. You can make the payment online through internet banking. We accept all Visa , Maestro and American Express credit/debit cards.
What mode of payment do accepts?
We use following payment mode: Deposite cash on bank account, Netbanking/NEFT, Credit/debit cards
Is it necessary to shop for 1250pv initially?
yes it is necessary to shop on with 1250pv initially.
How do I pay for a purchase on ?
Net banking, wallet recharge etc. We accept all Visa, Maestro and American Express credit/debit cards.
Who are business associates?
All customers shopping with us are our business associate.
Why INR 1000 is minimum shopping criteria every month?
Now a day"s every household is using daily need based item more than INR1000
What all product I can purchase in INR1000?
You can purchase all kinds of product of different heart color.
How business associate will help me earn money?
You will earn certain percentage of money on his every purchase.
What are the layers?
Layers are the phase to reach your maximum earning potential
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100% security
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Quality you will love
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Easy Return Policy
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We care
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