Tata Tea Premium - 1 Kg
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Tata Tea Premium - 1 Kg
Tata Tea Premium - 1 Kg
Tata Tea Premium - 1 Kg
Tata Tea Premium - 1 Kg

Tata Tea Premium - 1 Kg

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  • In 2010, Tata Tea Premium Re-Launched With A New Identity And Positioning Combined With Rational And Emotional Communication Through The Badi Patti, Choti Patti Television Commercial. With This Campaign, Tata Tea Premium Sought To Appeal To The Honest, Socially-Conscious Homemaker Of India, Who Wishes To Be An Agent Of Change In Her Circle Of Influence. She Brings About This Change In A Harmonious Manner, Just Like The Harmonious Blend Of Badi Patti And Choti Patti In Tata Tea Premium. Do Take A Look At Our Latest Advertising Campaigns .


Firstly, Please Buy this Product.


Firstly, Please Buy this Product.

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